The 10 Travel-essential Beauty Products

Going on a trip? Not sure about what to pack? Here is the perfect guide to help you pack only the necessities.

You might regret carrying all of your beauty products and hardly using any. Due to the long eventful days and hardly any time, only carry the products which you will definitely need. Not only will you save time finding the products, you will have lot of space to keep other items.

These are the products you will definitely need;

  1. Petroleum jelly

It’s a quick fixer for a lot of our beauty mishaps. It can be used as a makeup remover, to preserve perfume scents, heal any skin scrapes and burns which might hinder your adventure and to DIY some products in case you forget them.


  1. Moisturiser

It will prevent dehydrated and dull skin. Moisturizers are a must to prevent wrinkles and aging as well as protecting your skin from redness and itching. It should be right by your side especially during winters.


  1. Lip balm

No one likes dry, chapped lips. This will help heal your lips leaving them smooth and soft.  It will hydrate your lips.


  1. Makeup remover

It’s essential to take off the remainder of your makeup due to the harmful chemicals which often cause unwanted blemishes and pimples. Keep your skin safe and your pores open by removing all your makeup before you sleep.


  1. Concealer

Use it to hide any blemishes and eye bags for flawless pictures and an even face tone.


  1. Hand sanitizer

You might probably get involved in messy situations with no means to clean your dirty hands. Always keep a mini bottle with you to avoid inviting bacteria. Use it before eating food at any outdoor place. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Cleanser

Although a facial and exfoliation won’t be needed and you probably won’t have enough time to care for your skin, it’s important to use a proper cleanser to remove any impurities and dirt from your trip as well as preventing any annoying skin problems.


  1. Deodorant

This doesn’t require any explanation. Make sure to carry a mini size in your bag at all times to stay fresh and odorless the whole day.


  1. Dry shampoo

You enjoyed your holiday way too much and ended up being too lazy to take a shower and wash your greasy hair. It will save you from embarrassing oily situations


  1. Sun block

Use it if you will be staying outdoors for more than 15 minutes. It will keep excess tan at bay. It’s extremely necessary if you are travelling to a sunny country or a tropical area. It will protect your skin from UVB rays which are responsible for wrinkles, aging and skin diseases.

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