Starting my first fitness youtube channel|Diary of a new youtuber

Starting my first fitness youtube channel

Since my vacations have started, I have decided to focus a bit more on my career and that doesn’t mean my degree of economics and accounting but rather fulfilling my passion of owning a blog and a vlog along with some fans who will appreciate every cringeworthy action of mine. I have experimented with everything- twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat so according to my knowledge the only thing that had escaped through my experimental hands was youtube. Starting my first fitness youtube channel scares me a lot and i might collapse any moment now since the very niche isn’t the easiest one and I’m not a professional yet but with practice comes expertise and thats the motto driving me to this edge till now.

Now obviously some of you may be thinking why exactly am I doing this?

To be very frank, I have no idea. I mean I know that i could just chill and carry out with my daily job of lazing around and being carefree but well, the very thought of being rich and famous is something that is driving me to the brink of a journey on a road which I know isn’t the smoothest in town. 

Do i have a plan?


Only a brief idea about SEO with basic recording equipment and the thought of living in a mansion in mind. But a concrete plan with the shortest and easiest road to my dream destination is missing. However we will make it by hook or by crook

At this point, if i have done anything to prepare me for the journey, its a bingewatch session of the Youtube creator academy. I stumbled across it a few moments ago and it did help me a bit- not going to lie, it helped me a lot.

But bareera, is there SOMETHING, ANYTHING that you have in mind right now for your first video?

No. By reading this some of you may assume that I am heading for failure since I am starting my first fitness youtube channel without ANY idea but to be honest none of my successes were based on a plan or a well thought idea. Everything was carried out upon the snap of spontaneity and this is another such decision of mine with the exact fate. 

The equipment

⁃ Canon camera

This was probably a hint from the universe to start my channel based on no excuses since almost a week before, the only equipment i had was my iphone 6. But with the camera came a tripod, lens and a very thick manual that would take quite some time to comprehend. The camera isn’t mine and it wasn’t bought with the idea of being my recording equipment but thankfully it had a camcorder and my family was king enough to lend it to me for recording. 

⁃ ipad

You need a device for editing be it a laptop, ipad or mobile. The software I’ll be using is imovies since it’s free and easy to use. 

Well there goes my first blog about my thoughts regarding my youtube channel. I hope you keep on following the series to know more about my struggles.

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