In the life of a Body Dysmorphic patient| Body Dysmorphia| Introduction

Body dysmorphia Body dysmorphic disorder Social anxiety
Body dysmorphia Body dysmorphic disorder Social anxiety

In the life of a Body Dysmorphic patient is the story of a girl suffering from a mental illness thats still not spoken about; Body Dysmporphic Disorder or simply, Body Dysmorphia.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is an illness thats based on ones abnormal obsession with their features. Its not being vain or self concious, its self hatred. Its the constant need to look in the mirror or simply abstaining from it so as to focus or not focus on their flaws. Its the constant reminder that they aren’t worth it and their need to change their appearance. Body Dysmorphia often results in extreme social anxiety and disturbing cases of self hatred which could lead to depression and eventually worse.

I’ve linked a more formal description about what body dysmorphia is and its symptoms.


Chapter 1 The beginning

Chapter 2  A new life

Chapter 3  Transfer

Chapter 4 Positivity

Chapter 5 Diagnosis

Chapter 6 Change

Chapter 7  Disbelief

Chapter 8 Relapse

Chapter 9 The end isn’t the end 

Chapter 10 A letter for you

Body dysmorphia Body dysmorphic disorder Social anxiety
Body dysmorphia Body dysmorphic disorder Social anxiety



Now since you’ve bought the book, I assume that you know me. My assumption however isn’t a fact. Therefore if you don’t know me, its comforting. 

People who’ve known my teenage self during the past years aren’t proud about it; some are still confused about my persona and most of them wonder what exactly went wrong with me. Out of them, the small group who spent their time listening to me must have figured out the reasons of my past existence- the one with Body Dysmorphia 

The year is 2019 and some people, maybe most are still not sure about body dysmorphia. Is it an abstract emotion? Lack of confidence? Extreme loneliness? 

Or simple a mental illness that eats up every bite of self esteem from ones soul. Most of you might still be confused by my rather immature description of this term. However the story is another ride on the streets of hatred, helplessness and help all of which include the immature yet equally distressing thoughts of a 13 year old. 

I really hope that this book gives you an insight into a life of someone struggling with body dysmorphia and the complications that force them to withdraw from this world and live a depressed life within the compounds of self hatred and apparent flaws. 

I also believe that this point of view from a very common girl would open your eyes to the sea of more common people, each living in there own bubble of complexities. 

What do you think?

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