I am Bareera- a high school student and a proud patriot. I absolutely love cats and all sorts of furry animals (except mice maybe?). Coming from the City of lights, I have fallen in love with every aspect of it. I am the typical desi girl you read about on the net; the one who loves black tea and has memorized the Bollywood classic movies.

I think I’ve grown a lot during the past years; discovering my passions and most of all myself. After going through mere insecurities and severe self esteem issues, I gradually learned that imperfections make us perfect and this life is about learning from our mistakes and accepting each other for who they are.

So how did I actually start blogging?

Surfing through Vogue and Allure as well as many other blogs led me to discover my true passion. I always loved writing articles since I was young but the various trends in our lifestyle and fashion made me choose it the base of my blog. I’ve worked for one of the infamous Instagram tip community and stalked almost all of them to the core. Therefore by last summer I knew most of the tips and fashion hacks on my fingertips.

But I have never been fond of makeup. Those makeup tutorials never really seemed to attract me as much as the articles on getting a glowing skin or simple living a healthy life. The name- The Raw Glam- itself signifies the actual, candid version of what we perceive as beauty. This blog is all about enhancing it and developing a sense of care and love for our bodies.

This is my domicile which I want to share with all of you. It narrates all I’ve learnt about beauty and fashion. I’ve tried my best to portray some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt regarding lifestyle and I’m sure it will leave you contended.

I love receiving feedback and questions related to my blog. I will always answer them

Thank you so much