Feminism in Pakistan- Is it really necessary?

The most controversial topic of the modern world. What does feminism really mean?

Feminism, feminist, feminism in Pakistan, women rights

Feminism in Pakistan can as well be taboo. Its frowned upon by the misogynistic men and elders of our country since the idea of women having rights sounds absurd. If something has been going for several years, who are we to stop it. Women have never been equal so what is this…

But what exactly is feminism?

As described by Oxford, its the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. However the radical feminist movements have sculpted the movement into a cycle of hating men in general and opposing them in everything, The base of feminism also goes against some of the islamic principles and lack of education makes this movement highly unacceptable in rural Pakistan.

Misconceptions about feminism in Pakistan

1. Women want to roam around naked.

No they don’t. They just want to protest against the idea of men telling them to wear certain clothes that maintains his honour and reputation. People judge women by the colour of lipstick they wear and their feminine look . Its not even about the islamic veil we wear. But as women, we are taught how to behave like a girl and how to look good 24/7
“Laal lipstick shaadi ke baad lagana”
“Why are you dressed like a tomboy.. thora makeup to karlo”
“Larkiyon main chote baal ache nahi lagte”

How Society Polices Women’s Clothing (No Matter What We Wear)

2. Women dont want to follow the social etiquettes and our culture

We appreciate our culture and we love its originality. But why should only we follow it. Men can speak as loudly and sluggishly as they want without being judged for it. Sitting with closed legs and speaking in hushed voices with the proper manners are the ideal characteristics of a girl. Where are the etiquettes for men defined. No one knows. Constantly ridiculing a girl over speaking in a loud voice and swearing like a sailor just because her mother in law and husband wont tolerate it? Thats what feminism in Pakistan is all about.

3. They want to get involved in relationships and not marry

Not every women does. Marriage is defined as a girls ideal future and dream. The parents constantly teach their girls to care, share and sacrifice in order to be the perfect wife. Her role is compressed to making babies and caring for her husband and inlaws along with tolerating everything they do. Since that what girls should do. If a couple separates, it’s probably because of something she did. If a boy gets involved in a relationship, hes not called out for it cus hey, larke to is umar main ye karte hain. But god forbid a girl even shakes hands with a guy. Thats just digusting and it hurts her family’s name. Thats just hypocrisy. If somethings wrong, it’s wrong for both.

Feminism, feminist, feminism in Pakistan, women rights


We tell women to remain safe and cover themselves up properly while the men can remain perverts. Theres a problem with the unlimited freedom granted to a man since they dont get to follow any strict rules and the family’s honour doesn’t get affected by their actions. Teaching a man certain values and morals is as important as teaching a women how to cover up herself. Islam’s value of modesty shouldn’t be only limited to a woman as believed by our nation.

In short, feminism is a movement to grant the women the freedom they deserve. Its the key to every lock that has bound the women to be a mans slave. Feminism should exist for the times we tell a sexually assaulted woman to “remain quiet” or blamed for the assault while her perpetrator is able to roam the streets free. We need feminism for every-time someone taunts a women for her choices and actions while the man goes unnoticed for the same thing.

ps ill write more about it because i have so many things to talk about and im confused.

What do you think?

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