Body Dysmorphia in Pakistan | Mental Disorders in Pakistan

Its 2018 but have we made any progress?

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Its 2018 and unfortunately, mental disorders are still a taboo subject in Pakistan. With a widespread use of social media and an obsessive need to look perfect, imperfections have resulted in a poor mental state and almost a nonexistent self-esteem.

Talking about Body Dysmorphia in Pakistan

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

As per google, its a psychological disorder due to which a person becomes obsessed with imaginary defects in their appearance.

Why do so many people suffer from Body Dysmorphia in Pakistan?

People refuse to believe that body Dysmorphia is an illness. Its often regarded as just a phase or an act of being ungrateful for what you’ve been blessed with. These thoughts are often fuelled by religion and lack of understanding. Not only body Dysmorphia but all kinds of mental disorders are hidden from the world because they are a source of shame for many families. A constant need to appear perfect in front of the world often leads to bigger problems. Simalarly, people who visit therapists or psychiatrists are immediately labelled as retards. Curing such disorders initially can decrease the rates of suicide hence action should be taken immediately.

The only thing we can do is to talk to people who show symptoms of such illnesses and encouraging them to feel better. We should help them and not make them the centre of humour.


Symptoms of body Dysmorphia

– A decrease in social interactions

– An obsessive need to fix your face; fidgeting or putting on makeup frequently

– Sitting for long hours in front of the mirror or avoiding it completely

– Frequent cosmetic procedures or trying out extreme techniques to fix your flaw (hammering your nose bump etc)

– Considering compliments as words of pity or sympathy

– Believing that you’re ugly

– Comparing yourself with almost everyone you meet

– Feeling really self conscious


How can body Dysmorphia be cured?

– Talking to a therapist might help as most of our fears are imaginary. Sometimes, people might need just a few words of reassurance to combat their internal fears
– Ignoring negative people. Most of the people we talk to can discourage us and remind us of our flaws. Insensitive jokes and constant reminders might increase our anxiety. Therefore, don’t talk to people who make you feel like nothing
– Working out releases endorphins and makes a person feel happy. Hence It makes a person feel healthy overall and releases stress.
– Understand the fact that even models aren’t perfect. Magazines show unattainable standards of beauty by using photoshop and a lot of makeup. Almost all models are human.

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